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The Saftey Information

Saftey is our number 1 priory

Clp - Please be assured that all our Amy's Wax Cottage item are all CLP complaint 

1)Never leave a in-use burner unattended

2)For the best results always use a 4 hour tealight, never any longer ones.

3)DO NOT EAT. Not suitable for human consumption.

4)Keep all products out of reach and away from children and pets.

5) Store all wax melts in a cool dry place and keep out of direct sunlight. 

6)please always read labels and follow clear instructions to enhance the safety in using the product.

7)The easy way of cleaning your wax melts burner is to relight the tealight for no long then 30 seconds when the wax should remove as whole and wipe out, also a lot of our customers use the wax liners perfect for no mess!

8) now remove all packaging and place wax melts in your burner, be very careful not to overfill and enjoy your favourite fragrance.

Safety Information: Text
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