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Tea Party Mum Wax Melts

Tea Party Mum Wax Melts

Step into a whimsical world of sweetness and delight with our enchanting "Tea Party" heart-shaped wax melts, specially crafted to evoke the joyous ambiance of a delightful afternoon gathering.

Infused with the essence of a sweet fruity melody, these wax melts captivate the senses with the tantalizing aroma of ripe raspberry and succulent strawberry, mingling harmoniously with the effervescent sparkle of citrus and the subtle allure of peach. Each inhalation is a journey through a garden of delights, where sugar-dusted petals and the soft whispers of florals dance on the breeze.

At the heart of this enchanting fragrance lies the comforting embrace of tea leaves, their gentle aroma infusing the air with a sense of warmth and tranquility. As the scent deepens, a base of creamy vanilla and aromatic spices unfolds, enveloping you in a cozy blanket of indulgence and bliss.

Each heart-shaped wax melt is lovingly adorned with "Mum," making it a heartfelt tribute to the woman who brings sweetness and warmth to your life. Let these melts fill your home with the fragrance of joy and celebration, and create cherished moments of togetherness that will be treasured for years to come.



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