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Mothers Day 1oz Pot Collection (10 pots)

Mothers Day 1oz Pot Collection (10 pots)

Celebrate the remarkable women in your life with our exclusive Mother's Day box, featuring a curated collection of luxurious 1oz pots.

Inside this enchanting box, discover a treasure trove of scents designed to evoke love, serenity, and cherished memories. From the comforting embrace of "Mother's Love" to the rejuvenating allure of "Spa Day," each pot invites you to experience moments of pure bliss and relaxation.

Embrace the delicate fragrance of "Caring Freshness and Rose Petals," while "Tea Party" transports you to a whimsical gathering filled with warmth and laughter.

Feel the joy of springtime with "Tulip Buds" and "Daffodil Fields," each scent capturing the beauty of nature's renewal.

Savor the tradition of "Afternoon Tea," a moment of indulgence and sophistication, and pay tribute to the irreplaceable bond between mother and child with "Mum in a Million."

Each pot in this Mother's Day box is a heartfelt expression of love and appreciation for the extraordinary women who fill our lives with joy and inspiration. Treat them to a gift as beautiful and cherished as they are, and let them know they are truly loved and valued.


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